Monthly Archives: October 2018

Azure, DevOps, Microservice and SCRUM

Hello my fellow blog-ees!

Today I’d like to announce I’m half way through building my latest training course!

Over the past year or so it has become plainly evident that some of the most in-demand skills paying the highest salaries include knowledge and experience of Azure, DevOps , Microservices and SCRUM.

The problem is how to learn this stuff?  Unfortunately most articles out there just cover small snippets and are often out of context, making it hard to understand how you use these things in real life.

In my new course I’ll be walking you through a range of scenarios where you will learn the concepts of, and more importantly how to use these tools and methodologies!

I’m giving away early access to 25 interested people (meaning you can see early drafts of the lectures and courses as I build it out)- all I want in return is some honest feedback (and perhaps a nice review!?J)

If you’re up for it get in touch via this blog or my new Facebook page at

Early access starts in the next few days, and I’m planning on a full launch in time for Black Friday!

If there’s any subjects you’re keen to hear about again get in touch and I’ll see if I can include it!

As a taster- checkout my promo vid!